How important is experience when installing gutters?

After all, they’re just gutters, right? To be fair, it’s our business at A French Drain and Rain Gutters, so you know what our answer is going to be, but we’ll lay out the reasons so you can make an informed decision.

Whether you need gutters installed for the first time, are replacing existing gutters or making repairs, there is much to take into consideration before proceeding on your own. Safety is the first concern. Working on a roof is dangerous. The steep pitches and multiple levels on many homes complicate the matter and roof work should never be done alone. Hiring professionals with years of experience, and insurance against accidents, is really the safest way to go.

You’ll save money on materials if you DIY. Not necessarily. A professional rain gutter installation company has the power of buying in bulk at wholesale pricing. They also have access to potentially higher quality, longer lasting materials than what you would find at a big box store. If you make a mistake, you are on the hook for all the replacement materials. If there is a problem with installation, a professional should have a warranty to cover replacement costs. A professional can also spot damage caused by previous rain gutter issues and make sure those are remedied before new gutters are installed thereby preventing future costly repairs.

Modern Homes Demand Smart Technology

Weather in North Texas can be pretty extreme. Not only the massive amounts of rainfall that can happen in a short period of time, but straight line winds, hail, and oven-like summer heat. Any of which could damage rain gutters if incorrect materials were used or they were not installed effectively for our environment. A local business would know how to combat these challenges as well as the experience in designing a rain gutter system to handle the amount of rain and strength of the water current during our thunderstorms. Water will overflow the gutters and not be directed away from your home and foundation if gutters are not aligned properly or are too small in width. The correct number and proper placement of downspouts is just as critical for the total system to work. Beyond that, once the water is funneled away from your home, you may have additional problems with drainage on your property that also need to be addressed.

How’s your math?

Complex calculations may be needed depending on your roof design. Square footage of the different faces, plus pitch and drop need to be combined with rainfall data to create a system specific to your home. Do you know the proper placement for your gutters? If placed right at the edge of the roof (too high), water will flow over the gutters or potentially behind the gutters and damage fascia board. Though rain gutters look level with the ground, if installed properly they aren’t. To keep water flowing toward the downspouts, they need to be pitched ¼ inch every 10 feet. How many hangers do you need for the various lengths of gutter material? Too few and the gutters will sag, not remain upright, or seams will leak.

Seams are the weakest part of your rain gutter system. They can crack, leak, and clog with debris if not connected properly. A professional can provide seamless gutters fabricated to specific lengths for your home to avoid the problem altogether.

All it takes is one misstep in the rain gutter installation process to compromise its effectiveness. Contact A French Drain and Rain Gutters and let us design a rain gutter system that protects your home, your home’s foundation, and your home’s value. We serve Godley, Johnson County, Somervell County, Parker County, and Hood County.

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